English: Welcome to our project in progress in Extremadura, Spain. Apart from the links below, all the texts are in English.

Español: Para los hablantes de Castellano, aquí se encuentra una explicación en Español: https://extremadurahouse.com/despcripcion-del-proyecto-en-castellano/

Nederlands: https://extremadurahouse.com/welkom-op-onze-website-nl/

Unique project under construction for sale will be ready soon:

  • location: Spain, Extremadura, near Almoharín, in the countryside
  • House: new well constructed building in a quiet secluded spot. Includes: living room, open kitchen which looks on to the dining area, storage, entrance, three bedrooms, bathroom and a separate toilet
  • Salt water swimming pool situated on the terrace, facing south
  • Energy systems totally self supported
  • Separate barn/energy house
  • Plot: 40.000 m2, fenced property
  • All the licences are up to date
  • Price information is available on request

It is  a 4 hectare plot (40.000 square meters) with a decent very well secluded house on it, which will be totally self supported by solar panels, sceptic tank and water bore hole. The construction blends perfectly with the surrounding countryside. The house comes fully equipped with all the necesary features to make living here a most comfortable experience.

The property is situated approximately 5 kilometres outside the friendly village of Almoharín (2000 habitants), in a really nice, somewhat hidden valley. It is easily accessible by an asphalt road which leads into the valley. However, the final 2 kilometres leading up to the property is a pressed dirt road in excellent condition. The house is protected from the dominant cold northerly winds by the beautiful mountains called the “Sierra de Montánchez”, of which the highest nearby peak reaches a height of 800 meters. To the south there are nice views of the planes in the distance.

There is very little industry in Extremadura therefore air pollution is down to minimum. The climate ensures that there is no real risk of flooding or freakinclement weather like tornados nor military basses around. There is a very low crime rate. Just unspoiled nature, agreable climate, low costs of living, freedom and friendly people. The Spanish health care system is considered to be one of the best in the world. Nowadays with the Covid-19 virus it might even be one of the safest options; to live in the countryside surrounded by nature with all the self generated energy sources necessary to make life both easy and comfortable.

The plot forms part of the so called “dehesa”; pastes with mainly Stone Oaks on it and some Olive trees. Some of those Oaks are really old. You´ll find yourself as one with nature. There is a lot of wild life present and this part of Extremadura is famous for its migrating bird species.

The images shown here of the completed house are computer animations, meant to give an impression of the expected end result. Updates and incoming information will be shared on the blog page. Better images will follow. We strongly recommend to check the blog every once in a while.

About us

We are two neighbours who already live in the same valley as the new project and we decided to combine our talents to create something very special.

Willy is from Belgium and has ample experience in building houses, which is his professional career. He is really keen to “do things the right way” and he loves quality when it comes to construction. A great example of his philosophy can be seen in the latest house he built: his own house in Extremadura, which is located along the same pressed dirt road as the Jasper´s house.

Jasper moved from Holland to Extremadura in 2007 and had his own house built. Since he has run a real estate agency for years (and still is involved in all kinds of property related projects) he now has developed an ample network of local contacts and is quite familiar with the Spanish law. Jasper had helped several other immigrants with their start in Extremadura and is always prepared to lend a hand where and when needed.

Between us, we speak Dutch, French, Spanish and English.
Willy and Jasper both totally agree that things should be done in a descent and legal way. That might sound logically, but it turns out that it is hard -not to say almost impossible- to spot well built, comfortable and well quiet houses in the country side, which are completely legal.



If you would like to learn more about this proyect or have any questions about Extremadura, moving to Spain in general, feel free to contact us. Even when the proyect is not finished, we already could show you the wonderful place. We´re interested in any thougths you might have.

Jasper Boerma
calle Calvario 26
10132 Almoharín (Extremadura)
tel.: 0034 672397556